Aastha Continuing Care Centre

Athashri was a concept developed two decades ago to provide comprehensive care for senior citizens. With Aastha, we have gone a step further to ensure that the elderly are given proper multi-faceted assistance to live a healthy and carefree life.

Aastha caters to the social and personal requirements of the elderly who need assistance with activities of daily living, healthcare and who desire to live with dignity. Aastha includes multi-unit facilities and incorporates programs with a multi-tier approach to take care of the older generation that is very effective and helping them to maintain their dignity and independence.


  • Short to long term stays
  • Emergency assistance for hospitalization
  • Caregiver assistance for personal care
  • Regular communication with the treating Physician
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Services provided at Aastha

Continuing Care Centre is ideally suitable for seniors who require help in their activities of daily living with minimum medical care, yet their condition does not require hospitalisation.

When it comes to caring for senior citizens, Aastha sets high operational standards in a unique way to suit the Indian community. Here’s how assisted living can help senior citizens with nursing care.


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Aastha at a Glance

Founder's Note

Shashank Paranjape
Mr. Shashank Paranjape

Aastha is where senior citizens come to live as tenants, but end up as a part of one big happy family. There are a few reasons why they love Aastha so much. Firstly, each & every member at Aastha looks after the senior citizens with selfless care & affection. Secondly, the holistic environment at Aastha and the impeccable practice of hygiene make it an ideal place for senior citizens. Also, every staff member (including moushis & mamas) are well-trained to take proper care of the senior citizens. Homemade, healthy, tasty and nutritious food is cooked every day in the kitchen with love & care so that the dietary needs are taken care of. Their ideological, mental and spiritual well-being is also uplifted by hosting numerous activities and celebrations where the senior citizens can participate and get together with like-minded people. In short, Aastha is more than just a place where they come to stay, but it is a home where they enjoy the best time of their lives.



  • An assisted living facility or centre is a place where help is provided to physically dependent elderly residents, in managing their daily activities of living along with provision of other services such as meals, housekeeping, laundry, security, medical & nursing aid.

  • Family members and/or guardians of the elderly, who require assisted living care, can enroll names for admission.

  • Enrollment of names
  • Visit to the facility with initial assessment of required care
  • Comprehensive geriatric assessment by doctor
  • Discussion with family members/guardians regarding health condition, care needed and expectations of family are understood
  • Documentation and payment process
  • Shifting of the member into the facility
  • If the facility is fully occupied, members names are registered on wait list.

    Considering the different requirements of family while caring for their loved ones we have introduced following stays:

  • Short stay (less than 15 days), 1 month stay, 3 months stay, 6 months stay, long term stay (more than 6 months)
  • Memberships are renewable.

  • All the rooms are self contained with elder friendly attached bathrooms and furnished with fowler beds (with both side railings), side tables, storage cabinets, wardrobes, television, intercom and telephone facility.

  • Yes, resident members may bring their own personal belongings to the facility. For example, items such as picture frames or family photos help in creating an atmosphere of familiarity. All members need to bring their own clothing (including warm clothes) to the facility. Members are not allowed to bring their furniture and any valuables.

  • Family/friends/guardians may visit the residents between 10 am to 5 pm, taking into consideration the activity timings and their rest time. The relatives are not allowed to stay with the members.
  • Those who wish to stay overnight can avail the guest room service in the facility by prior booking.

  • For medical emergencues requiring hospitalization, we arrange transfer of the residents to predefined hospitals in accordance with their treating physicians. We provide help and support that is needed in the hospital till the family member arrives for further treatment decisions. In acute emergencies, we may not have time to shift to a distant hospital, in such cases, members are admitted to the nearest hospital and later the family can decide to transfer to any hospital of their choice.

  • The bed can be held for up to 3 months with full charges paid if the member is hospitalized or being taken to home after written confirmation from family or guardians. After 3 months, or if the required care is beyond the scope of the facility, membership may be terminated with written communication with the family/guardians.

  • Washing of cloths is done on daily basis, while linen is washed at planned intervals. Ironing facility is not provided in-house, however paid ironing service can be arranged from outside.

About Company

In 2001, PSCL set up Athashri - a unique housing project with a single-point focus on the senior citizens. Athashri was an instant success, which prompted PSCL to set up several projects in Pune, Bengaluru, Vadodara and have planned to spread this concept to other cities in India. A logical progression was creating the Athashri Homes Pvt. Ltd., which has the mandate to ensure efficient functioning of all Athashri housing projects, including regular maintenance.

“Aastha” caters to the social and personal requirements of the elderly who need assistance with daily activities and need medical care yet who desire and deserve to age with dignity. “Aastha” includes multiple facilities and programs that provide assistance in medical needs and daily activities such as bathing, dressing and dietary requirements. Today, the 34-year-old legacy of PSCL has 75,000+ residents across 9 cities in 200+ completed projects.